Moving away from a tech-only blog

When I initially created my website a few years back, one of my intentions with it was to blog about technical challenges, front-end quick tips, and new things I've learned related to web development. I've stuck to that original intention, albeit slowly and inconsistently.

While reading Josh Comeau's Newsletter about authoring, I realized I need to get back into writing, only to be met by the thought: "Everything I want to write about has already been written about" - which is something he also mentions just a few sentences later. Josh went on to explain that writing shouldn't be brute-forced, ideas should come naturally. I realized article ideas do come to mind quite frequently. Sometimes they're just small thoughts I'd like to write about after reading an article or listening to a podcast. Other times I have article ideas about hobbies of mine completely unrelated to tech. But I toss these ideas aside because they don't fit into my perceived idea of what a blog post should be on my personal website.

Moving forward I want to write about things that inspire me outside of tech. I also want to share direct links to other articles that I find interesting, while providing some thoughts of I have on the subject as well. (I'll have a visual indicator, like a link icon, to convey the article will link somewhere else). Between these 2 new formats and regular tech-related posts I have in mind, this should help me click the 'Publish' button more than I have in the past.

This post serves as a place to set my intentions along with a warning that I'll be posting some non-tech posts as well. If non-tech posts start to overcrowd I might implement a simple content toggle to show and hide hobby related posts.

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