Corey Bruyere

I’m a self-taught Front-End UX Engineer based out of Long Beach, CA.

Outside of the world wide web I enjoy getting outdoors with the wife, family, friends, and dogs.

You can read more about me or feel free to connect with me via Twitter or email at

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  • Compass

    A historical health data viewer I worked on with colleagues at Hart. I worked on building the front-end of the web app by leveraging our internal design system's components.


    Hart's website refresh where I built out the front-end while working alongside another developer and designer. The site was static and built with Gatsby, Prismic, and styled and themed with styled-components.

  • Edgilife Insights

    Edgilife Insights (SN Insights after being acquired by Snack Nation) is a product insights dashboard for brands. I worked on this with colleagues while working at Love With Food and focused on the front-end of the project.

  • Shay Designs v3

    Rebuilt my mother's jewelry ecommerce store in Shopify. Moved away from Wordpress to save on costs and development time.

  • Love With Food

    From late 2016 to early 2018 I worked on new site features, bug fixes, and an internal style-guide while I worked in-house for Love With Food.

  • Revolve Clothing

    From 2015-2016 I worked on new site features, bug fixes, and landing pages in-house for Revolve Clothing. A majority of my time was spent auditing accessiblity of the site while planning, developing, and launching a new component styleguide alongside that would serve as the starting point for rebuilding existing features on the site to address accessiblity concerns.

  • Shay Designs v2

    Second version of my mom's jewelry ecommerce site that was built with Wordpress and WooCommerce using the Stripe's payment gateway for checkout.

  • COBB Tuning

    Ecommerce site built with Wordpress and Magento. This site rebuild was done with colleagues while I was working at a small agency. I focused entirely on the front-end.

  • Fung Consulting

    Simple multilingual Wordpress brochure website that never went live. This was a freelance project I worked on with a local designer where I focused on Wordpress and front-end development.

  • Edge

    Ecommerce site built with Wordpress and Magento where my focus and role was leading the front-end of the project.

  • Globe Strange Rumblings

    Globe Strange Rumblings landing page that was built on Wordpress to easily allow admins to add events to the front page.

  • Teaching Kids Programming

    My first freelance project I worked on with a local designer where I focused completely on Wordpress and front-end development.

  • Arbor Collective

    Ecommerce site built with Wordpress and Magento. Worked on with peers while working at a small agency.