👋 I'm a Front-End Developer with over 9 years of varied technical experience. I specialize in building performant, accessible, and maintainable front-end experiences on mid- to large-scale websites and web apps using modern web standard technologies. I’m passionate about the “front of the front-end” and while I have a breadth of skills across then entire front-end spectrum, my focus is to continue growing in these areas: building and maintaining design systems (currently enjoying the React + Style Dictionary + CSS + Storybook ecoysystem), performance, accessibility, front-end architecture, tooling, documentation, testing, and everything in the JAMstack world (Gatsby + Netlify + Contentful).

Take a look at some of my recent work, the little writing I do, or some of the things I use that set me up for success. Feel free to connect with me via Twitter or email.


This is my ‘uses’ page, which showcases some of the hardware, software, and hard-goods that make me more productive and allow me to enjoy my time while developing and browsing the world wide web.

  • Visual Studio Code with Night Owl theme
  • iTerm2 with Solarized Dark color scheme
  • Brave Browser for browsing and developing
  • Figma for design collaboration
  • Things for task management
  • Notion for goal setting and long-form notes
  • Day One for journaling
  • Milanote for mood board and creative organization
  • Proton for email, calendars, VPN, and storage
  • Slack & Keybase for communication